VBA macro to copy excel sheet result and rearranged and apply formula

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  • Hi,

    The file: forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/69459/

    I need to do a few things to rearrange the data in the excel sheet so that it is easier to be processed and analysed.
    The actual output wanted as a sample is in sheet "Data_Result_Wanted"
    Attached is the excel sheet.

    • Loop to all the data in "data processing" and find the unique value in column A3 onwards and copy the unique value to a new sheet named "Data_Result_Wanted"
    • Copy the nominal and paste below the unique value of the data in a new sheet named "Data_Result_Wanted" This is the final output i need.
    • After that loop through column of actual value and copy the result below nominal.
    • Finishing that, then add some formula below to calculate the max,min,average and also std deviation.

    I have only managed to do part 1 to find the unique value via using macro recorder and filter the unit value but i have not rearranged the data yet in the result. This is in sub macro 3
    Also tried to rearranged the data using link from here and editing it but am not successful. the macro file is in sub Filter_Result

    Thanks in advance.

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