Coding, flagging - not sure of the correct terminology

  • Morning all, what I need to be able to do with the example below is flag any cell that is < 1.0, such as colour code cell red, and if = or > 1.0, colour code cell green or some other feature

    [TABLE="width: 976"]



    Combined KPI Accumulated av. Score


    [TD="align: right"]0.9674[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.0242[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.0739[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.1040[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.1330[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.1686[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.1980[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]1.2312[/TD]



    Would appreciate a solution.

    Have an awesome day

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