VLOOKUP does not return the correct values

  • I have a spreadsheet full of data about customers. Their email addresses in in column A sorted A-Z. This sheet is called CRM Data

    On another sheet, I would like to enter their email address and have four fields fill in with a VLOOKUP. This sheet is called Example.

    My formula is =VLOOKUP(F2,'CRM Data'!$A$2:$F$101,1).

    F2 is where the email address is on the answer sheet.

    CRM Data!$A$2:$F$101 is where we are looking. It is an absolute reference.

    1 is the column number with the Contact ID which is the first thing I want to return on my answer sheet.

    The VLOOKUP returns a value, but it is not the one that matches the email.

    I have attached the spreadsheet.

    Can you help me?

  • Re: VLOOKUP does not return the correct values

    Vlookup can only search through the first column in the table. on the CRM Data page you would have to move the email to the A column.

    Then in the Example page in A3 put

    =VLOOKUP($F3,'CRM Data'!$A$2:$F$101,2,FALSE)

    If you would prefer you can leave the CRD Data sheet alone and insted in A3 put

    =INDEX('CRM Data'!A:A,MATCH($F3,'CRM Data'!$H:$H,0))

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