A Macro to copy a specific number of rows and columns according to drop-down value

  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum. Hoping someone can assist.

    I'm looking to create a macro that will copy a specific number of rows, according to the value selected by the user via a validation drop-down list.

    There will be formulas formatted in certain fields, which will allow the cells to increment in value. This is where the data will be already formatted from the 'copy from' location. I'm thinking I can hide this worksheet from the user.

    The user will have a 'Home' location where he will specify the following:

    Total Cards <= This will be a drop-down of only three choices of 24, 32 or 48. This will represent the number of rows copied from the master row, which will be on the hidden sheet.

    Total Blocks <= This will be an input box where the user will enter any number from 1-24. This block will group the number of rows specified at the 'Total Cards' drop-down.

    I.E. 24 Cards (or rows) x 4 Blocks - Each of the four blocks will have a total of 24 rows each.

    Also, I'm needing a blank line dividing each block.

    Hope someone can please assist.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Re: A Macro to copy a specific number of rows and columns according to drop-down valu

    Hi goldenpetals/silverpetals,

    While we are glad to have you here at Ozgrid please ensure you provide a link to any other forum you have posted the same question as I have done with this link - this time as you're a new member. Failure to do so is in breach of rule 4b of Ozgrid's rules (refer here) and may led to your posts being closed.


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