Time allocation based 2 times

  • Hi all,

    Since it is the first time I posted here, I hope I got all the rules in check.

    As I mentioned in my keyword, I am dealing with problem of allocating minutes into three time range (shift's time in a factory).
    I have attached file containing the problem that I am dealing and the example and macro which I have written. Thus far, I am only able to use my macro to deal with several possibilities but not all the possibilities.

    What I would like to ask:
    1. Is there any better approach than the code that I have made?
    2. How to solve the yet solved example that I have the attached file?

    Please take a look at my excel as I hope it would be clearer to what I would like to achieve rather than explaining here in words. The code that I have is written below.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Re: Time allocation based on two time entry

    I think I have solved my own question..

    Although I think it is not yet efficient, seeing from the number of lines involved in my code below..

    But at least it works.. :D.

    If anyone have any idea or other approach to make it more efficient , please share it here..

    The code can be used with the file I have shared previously.


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