Extract multiple numeric value sets

  • I found an extremely useful VBA code for extracting numeric values from a cell IF and ONLY IF there is only one set of numbers looking to be extracted. However, in my case there are times where I need to extract multiple numeric values, but I'm not sure how to tweak the current code. Any thoughts?

    Below is an example of what my worst case scenario would look like. At the end of the day all I need are the 9 digit numeric value after the "RID". However, one problem is "RID" is not always present in these comments in addition if possible I'd like to exclude dates. Not sure if this is plausible or not, but thought I'd ask anyways.

    [TABLE="width: 813"]


    [TD="class: xl64, align: left"]RID: 576233191; RID: 576372763;RID: 576372769;RID: 576372770;RID: 576372774;RID: 576372776;RID: 576372779;RID: 576372782; Please have this process shut down as it is a duplicate. The sale date has been changed from 6/23/16 to 8/4/16. This change occurred because an IRS lien was discovered and proper notices needed to be sent in order to be in compliance with the judgment order. Please have all rails/processes that were auto launched off the 6/23/16 sale date removed/closed. The NTRID are mentioned above. Thank you[/TD]



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    You can try this. :cool:

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    HOLY COW! Not only was that possibly the quickest reply I've seen it does work 100%!!!

    Quote from skywriter;773008

    You can try this. :cool:

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