Sumproduct and mid function

  • Hi
    What i want to achieve is to sum column M in another worksheet (name is Faktury kosztowe) but condition MID('[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$D:$D;7;4)=$H$2 has to be true. Im trying to use sumproduct function but the result is allways 0.

  • Re: Sumproduct and mid function

    Did you write it like this?

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]=SUMPRODUCT(--(MID('[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$D:$D;7;4)=$H$2);'[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$M:$M)[/COLOR]

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