Pivot Refreshing Macro

  • Hi bro..,

    I need a help to create a Macro for refreshing the Pivot.., I have provided the details below,.. Kindly help me on this..,
    In Home Page
    1.In Dropdown - It should contains Months name in the Drop down.
    When user choose any Month and Click Create Sheets - It should copy all the previous 10 sheets including datas (Sheets of Previous Months alone) and the Sheet names should be replaced with the Current Month name. Example: EPO - 1 (May 2016) to EPO - 1 (June 2016)

    [User will paste the Raw data in Sheet "EPO Compliance" ]

    2.Refresh Pivot Button - When user clicks the Button, it should fetch the data source from the latest Month sheet "EPO Compliance" and it should refresh all the Sheets.
    Ie., It should refresh all the data based on the Month which has been selected in dropdown, in the beginning.
    [B]Example: When User Choose May, then it should refresh the data source for the Sheets May.

    [B]3. Condition for Refreshing Pivot - For Sheets 1 - 8, it should fetch the data source based on COlumn M and Column N (Col M - Active and Col N - False).

    [B]ie., it should fetch the data till last column which Contains Active in Column M and False in Column N and all 9999 data should not be considered.

    But for Sheet 9 - It should fetch the data source of whole EPO Compliance Sheet.

    Can you please help me on this.., I have to submit it before next Wednesday.., Please please help me..,[/B][/B][/B]

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