VBA Code for Hide/Unhide Cells

  • Hi there,

    Can someone please help with a VBA code?

    The scenario is

    There are 39 lines items from A4 to A43 and actually named as Item 1, Item 2, Item 3 till Item 24 then D 1, D 2 till D 15

    In column C, there will be a variable called X which means applicable.

    I have 39 Sheets at the bottom namely Item 1, Item 2 till Item 24 and D1, D2 till D15.

    I want to see the sheet say suppose Item 1 to be hidden until and unless there is no x = applicable in the cell C4.. as soon as there is x in C4 item 1 Spreadsheet will be unhidden... same for all till Item 24 and D 1 , D 2 till D 15

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


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