Download PDF Using Hidden FileName

  • Ok I really could do with a hand on this one!

    I am trying to download PDF invoices. The problem I have is I cant see the url where the files are kept and I want to use the UrlDownloadToFile. The site is locked for editing but looks like this


    The code behind it looks like this (iveobsecured account details for obvious reasons)


    Therefore what I am trying to do is download all the PDFs that come up providing the document name hasn't been previously downloaded. So I currently have two problems -

    1. The PDF filename only seems to come up when I click the document
    2. I can see a direct weblink from the code which means URLDownloadToFile wont work

    This is what I played around with so far

    Ideally I want the "Virgin.pdf" name to be the actual invoice ID, but like I said that only appear to come up when you click it.

    Is this impossible?

    Many many thanks.

  • Re: Download PDF Using Hidden FileName

    Hi guys,

    Anyone got a steer here? Sorry but I have a week left on current contract and wanted to know if it was possible (its a way over and above, but if I can crack how to do this, I could crack quite a bit of extra ideas!)

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