VBA Copy Paste to each new worksheet with formatting and formulas

  • Dear Forum,

    I have the below code running in my project that transfers data from a worksheet called "Update Quality Check Data" to other weeksheets based on user names by 1 of 2 ways, either:

    • By seeing the user name of the worksheet already exists and just copying the relevant data; or,
    • By creating a new worksheet with the user name as the ws name and copying the data from the data shee

    What I would like to add would be when a new user sheet is created the format and forumlas from the first usersheet are copied into the new sheets and each additional user sheet that is created.

    I have seen many threads to copy paste and the arguements between clipboard and pastespecial but now I am rather confused and not sure how to do this for sheets that do not currently exist. Could some please help me?

    I have attached a sample sheet, so I would just want the formulas and borders copied from the worksheet called Bob forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/69687/to each new sheet that is created.

  • Re: VBA Copy Paste to each new worksheet with formatting and formulas

    Could someone please advise if this might be the correct fix to my question?, I only need to know how to change "Bob" in the code below so that the formmating would copy to each new sheet with a different name. Does VBA work with wild cards like "*" for example?:

    range("B2:B5002").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Bob").Cells(startrow, 2)

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