VBA Copy Value not Formula again

  • Hi All,

    If someone can help thanks, I just got this code working although the cells that are copied from are created from formulas. I also need a line that copies the range F2:F32 and pastes over B2:B32 in Sheet4.

    Could this be written to do exactly the same but for values only thanks in advance!!;

  • Re: VBA Copy Value not Formula again

    You don't actually need to Copy. Try something like this

  • Re: VBA Copy Value not Formula again

    Any tips on how to remove all the formulas of a Workbook without using Special Paste? I haven't a clue as to how to use the above code in excel.... Help!

  • Re: VBA Copy Value not Formula again

    gjenniskens, please do not hijack other member's posts. This is covered in the Forum Rules that you agreed to when joining. Start your own thread or even search the Forum, there is an excel way posted several years ago by Aaron Blood. I'll help when you ask in your own Thread.

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