Macro Merging

  • Dear Forum,

    I have the below 2 sets of code and I am trying to combine them into 1 (as a newbie not sure if this is doable or if there is a better way to do this?). The outcome should be that:

    A new sheet is created when the Transfer Sub runs, and;
    The formatting and forumlas from the ws named "Template" are copied to the new sheet and any additional new sheets that are created when the FormatNewSheet sub runs.
    Please could yo help me merge the 2 or suggest a better way?

    Kind Regards

  • Re: Macro Merging

    What would trigger an error in your code? I don't understand why you are using the error handler. You add and name a sheet then jump back and rename the sheet again.

    As for the formatting the best approach is to have a hidden sheet formatted correctly and copy & re-name that.

    Best thing to do is explain what you are doing and provide an example workbook.

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