Data Link Propertied - Popping up

  • I am running the below code that does some things to the header of each file in the folder. It is going though fine and processing each file and then all of a sudden I get a Data Link Properties message popping up

  • Re: Data Link Propertied - Popping up

    You could try specifying that Links are not updated when opening the file...

    With Workbooks.Open(FileName:=oFile.Path, UpdateLinks:=False)

    There is a global Excel setting

    Applicaion.AskToUpdateLinks = False

    which will suppress all prompts to update links when a workbook is opened (whether interactively or in clde), but probably not a good idea to use as a matter of course.

    If there are invalid links to external data in a file, it's possible you will still get a warning... that'll take a little more investigating but try the simple approach first.

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