Slow macro hide/unhiding rows

  • Dear all,

    I've built a macro which task is simply to hide/unhide a few hundred rows in a single worksheet in Excel and hide/unhide 2 out of 4 other worksheets. This takes unfortunately quite some time (about 30 seconds - one minute).
    Is there a way to make it run faster? I have used some tips on this and other forums, which improved the running time a bit (especially turning off the Automatic Calculation function) but it is still pretty slow.

    I'll put the code below

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

  • Re: Slow macro hide/unhiding rows

    Small point - there's no need to select a range before working with it...

    Rows("31:217").EntireRow.Hidden = True 
    Rows("218:403").EntireRow.Hidden = False

    You can aslo hide multiple sheets at the same time.

    sheets(Array("Res-ENJEU", "Budget-ENJEU")).visible = False

    But that code shouldn't take that long. Guess either a Recalc when you set the Calculation mode back to automatic might cause it, or some other event is being fired that takes the time.

    Whichever, it's hard to suggest without seeing a copy of the workbook.


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