Macro to list the filenames with empty submission

  • Hi all,

    I need some help here, been trying on my own but not working at all.

    I have more than 100 files to check on empty submission.
    Am trying out "for each" loop, to check if cells A2: A100 in these workbooks are empty (these workbooks are stored in the same folder - budget folder). If range A2:A100 is empty, THEN activate another opened workbook (filename = macro.xlsm), worksheet (tab name = empty), and update the workbook name into the "empty" sheet.

    The macro should also move to the next row upon updating the workbook name so that it does not overwrite the first entry.

    Any advice and help is greatly appreciated!


  • Re: Macro to list the filenames with empty submission

    As per our Rule: 4b. Do not cross-post without supplying a link to the duplicate question on the other Forum... is the link to one post and here is the link your other post.


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