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  • Hello

    Im in need of a vba macro which will find text within a column and indicate which row contains this text.

    As an example: in A1 a key word is typed in ( which will vary), and in column A14:A500 I have a list of paragraph text information in each row.

    The macro will search column A14:A500 for the name that's typed in A1.. if it finds it, offsets an "X" , 3 columns to the right... if it doesn't find it.. it does nothing.

    Any ideas how to create this?

    Many Thanks!

  • Re: Find Text add value

    This will do the trick....


  • Re: Find Text add value

    Wow, this works perfectly!

    I appreciate the time you put into writing this.
    Thank you very, very much, sktneer!!



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