Need to translate code so i can tweak it

  • Someone helped me with some vba code and now i need to tweak the workbook which will require tweaking the code a little. Can someone translate the following code for me so i can learn what it is doing and then modify it for the changes? i am just learning VBA and am on a short timeline on this project for my boss. I can figure part of it out but not everything. Thank you so much for any help provided.

    Sub test()
    With Sheet1
    For I& = 1 To .Cells(Rows.Count, 15).End(xlUp).Row
    .[C9] = .Cells(I, 15).Value
    End With
    End Sub


  • Re: Need to translate code so i can tweak it

    MODERATOR NOTICE: This topic has also been posted on other sites and may already have an answer elsewhere. Please take this into consideration when answering this question


    The other forum I found this issue on also asks the same.

  • Re: Need to translate code so i can tweak it

    i haven't asked for help translating the code on another forum. I did get help creating the code on another forum. I saw a lot of people online on this forum late last night and thought i would get a quicker answer as a result. I will go back to the other forum and ask them. I would never deliberately waste anyone's time and i am sorry if anyone thinks that.

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