Processing data from one column in excel

  • I need to organize a structure of a huge xlsx file with data collected in a single column. This is a company list, Company names have a bit different formatting, so may someone can use it to help me. Also I need to start a new line when the same company has more than one address.
    You can see the source and desired output in the attached xlsx file. Please find attached file with 2 tabs: Issue and Result I want to achieve
    I guess it can be done using some VBA or excel formula.
    Many thanks if anyone can help me.

  • Re: Processing data from one column in excel

    You need to carefully re-do that sample. 14 (Phone2) has been assigned to both Company1 & Company3 and c (Phone2) is shown under Company1 in the results when it is listed under Company2 in the sample - if those happen to be correct then you need to explain fully the logic.

    You'd be quick enough to mention that 'x' is in the wrong place if someone should attempt to do this for you, the least you can do is provide valid data in the first place.

    Old computer adage: [URL=",_garbage_out"]GIGO[/URL]

  • Re: Processing data from one column in excel

    Yeah, you are right, I did it manually so that is why I made such a misprint. Removed 14 and reloaded the attachment.

  • Re: Processing data from one column in excel

    Then please explain why Item c (Phone2, Company2 in the sample) ends up as Phone2, Company1 in the results.

    You should not expect anyone to make assumptions about what is correct and what is not - that just wastes time.

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