Error 462: The remote server machine does not exist

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  • Hello,

    Thanks in advance for your kind support

    I have been working with WORD via Excel VBA (mailmerge), I have been trying to open a word file programmatically in excel vba and adding/editing contents in it using bookmarks. However, I find that on alternate runs, I get the 'Error 462: The remote server does not exist" error. I researched a lot and understood this has something to do 'Unqualified references;.

    However I don't understand how to correct the below snippet of code to qualified references? Can someone please help?

    Also is there a positbility that I can protect the generated letter with password from macro, if yes can you guide me on it.

  • Re: Error 462: The remote server machine does not exist

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    For your information - the other forum where I found this topic also has the same requirement.

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