Embed Excel and Paste Link

  • I am working on embedding excel worksheet on IE browser using MFC
    through COleDocObjectItem class.

    I embed two seperate excel workbooks side by side using
    CreateFromFile option from insertobject dialog on the same browser.

    Now i wanted to establish a link from one workbook to
    other by using the following steps.

    a. I enter value 10 on A1 and do copy from first embedded
    worksheet and do pastespecial on the other embedded
    worksheet at say B1.

    b. I select paste link option. and select the excel
    worksheet format Microsoft Excel 8.0 format.

    I then get the error msg "remote data not accessible.
    Start excel.exe"

    Can anyone please tell me as to why this message is coming and
    what should i do to successfuly create a link.

    This also happens when i tried out the MSDN samples on OLE (for eg oclient sample).
    (In the MSDN samples case I open two seperate instances of the application and embed on each a workbook)

    Just for information. When i embed the excel using the link option, then the embeded
    workbook opens in a seperate window although the linking between 2 workbooks works fine.
    I want to avoid opening in a new window :-(.

    Thanks in advance

  • Interesting ..... Very Interesting in fact.

    Will it be feasible to share your work with us???

    It will be a good value addition to us as well, you have a very high of getting the answer, making use of some of the Expert VBA scripts ???

    I am ready to put some effort in this, though i have not worked on such a stuff till date.

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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