VBA Clear Range on Cell Change?

  • Paul,

    I've never worked with the Range collection of a Range before, so I don't know how looping through that collection works. Do you have any other ranges that intersect with column A of sheet Database? If so, try declaring rngData as a Variant and adding .Cells to the end of your For Each ... statement so that you loop through the cells in a specified range, rather than through the ranges.

    Hope this helps.



  • Guess what . . . FURTHER PROBLEMS!

    I haven't touched this file for about a week and now I do I find that it's not doing what it should be doing again.

    I'm pretty sure that this bit of code . . .

    . . . is where the problem lies. For some reason it does not seem to be recognising the fact that the Client_Name cell is changing and consequently it's not clearing down the specified range or calling the Retrieve Records procedure.

    Has anyone got any further ideas that may help crack this one before I go completely insane . . . PLEEEAAASSSEEE?

    Thanks all,



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