Web Automation using VBA

  • Hi,

    I have a website

    1] I need to enter the data into the website site fields through excel vba.
    2] i am stuck at combo box, there are few combo box which should pick the data from excel cell
    3] I am able to do the same with text boxes but i am not able figure out the combo box i have the code for combo box as below.

    But this does not work i have IE 11 version andexce2010

    Please help me with this thanks in advance.

  • Re: Web Automation using VBA

    i figured it out thanks for you help now i want to click on save button below is the code i want it to work in excel vba

    <button id="upd" class="save" onMouseDown="submitBtnAndDisable('true','MERCH_MAINTAIN_DETAILS','upd')" name="upd" type="button">Save</button>
  • Re: Web Automation using VBA

    You're going to struggle there, it looks like the code that runs as a result of clicking that button is actually fired from a MouseDown event rather than the default "click" event.

    It is possible to emulate such events in VBA but it requires very complex WinAPI calls that can cause more harm than help if you don't know what you're doing. VBA simply isn't the best tool to use for this kind of work, ideally you would use JavaScript instead.

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