Excel macro- first sort on col.a,then b,then,c +subtotal of d,e,f based on each cha


    Dear Sir,

    first please see attached JPG Screen shot which I need via VBA Macro


    I am in search for Excel macro
    for above requirement.

    Data Position

    (1) Total database just spread in in columns A to F
    (2) Columns A's Data's End not fix (Dynamic)
    (3) first-require macro for whole data Sort on A then Sort on B
    (4) Requirement Subtotal should be in Columns D,E,F
    (5) first of Each changes in Columns A-->> Subtotal columns D,E,F then by
    (6) Each changes in Columns B-->> Subtotal columns D,E,F

    that's it...Very simple & basic situation ...Require VBA Macro for above .

    can anyone help me??

  • Re: Excel macro- first sort on col.a,then b,then,c +subtotal of d,e,f based on each

    MODERATOR NOTICE: This topic has also been posted on other sites and may already have an answer elsewhere. Please take this into consideration when answering this question


    Please add links to your posts on other forums for this issue - same as you did in your other thread.

    Also, attaching a picture is pointless. It just means anyone attempting to help is going to have to recreate your data first - and that takes time. Possibly another reason you are not getting replies. Upload a sample workbook


  • Re: Excel macro- first sort on col.a,then b,then,c +subtotal of d,e,f based on each

    Dear Sir,

    I agree that I make a Cross Post ...but believe me I am not in intense
    to hurt anyone who hard work for my answer.... I also don't want
    to someone give their valuable time to give answer in just pressurised situation
    that "if another place , already asked and answered of this question so why I give my time???"...
    I already agree that point....but...this is negative aspect to help peoples.....this concept
    leads to nothing. Any one can't get anything...just questions stand there...

    so what is the positive aspect of cross posting???

    if cross posting happened...many people get options
    for their problems..& thus...both forums get increasing possibilities of readers ...and finally
    who satisfied??... many peoples... like searchers, readers , members, moderators newsgroups...etc..
    thus totally win-win environment created in society & improvement their knowledge's &
    incredible chances to grown-up....

    all forum's core concept is "maximum try to Help People"....if masters really want to help
    others ...they try to it without any negative thinking that " if someone already answered it..."
    this fear destroy all positivity, confidence,,,& humanity...good nature....from society..

    i just don't want to take answer & escape from here like a theft , but
    i maximum try to stay & help peoples from my obtained answer ..
    who really thirsty for their problems...

    i promise that tomorrowi will put this thread link in another forums. Where i already asked
    this questions... just because i want to give options to searchers...
    who really want ...& i must believe that they get right solutions from here &
    anywhere where this linked...posted....

    Hope you understands my helping aspect & leave open mind
    for my answer...for which i am in waiting..i attached my Excel file
    for just simple VBA macro


  • Re: Excel macro- first sort on col.a,then b,then,c +subtotal of d,e,f based on each

    Grief - What's the problem with adding a link?

    Unoriginal arguments designed to support your limited and selfish point of view, only. However, the board rules, which you agreed to follow when you joined, require links so there's no poncy arguments about "the positive aspects of cross posting". End of story.

    If you cross post and do not add links then there is a chance that anyone replying could be wasting their time if the same, or substantially the same, answer was given on another forum. At least with a link, they can check.

    As you have seen fit not to add the link, you can't be too bothered about others possibly wasting their time while trying to help you. If you're not bothered, I (and I would hope, we) are not bothered about helping you. The thread has been closed.

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