Creating multiple Outlook calendar items - with attachment or link

  • So I have a .csv file that I am using to import calendar items into Ms Outlook. For whatever reason I tend to use this as a means to block out time for tasks but also to remind myself of tasks that need to be done and their priority etc.. Basically I update a list of calendar items during the day, every day and upload the calendar last thing before I clear off. I find this useful because, well, I'm like that.

    Anyway it's got to the stage now where I pretty much rely on this technique and I find myself more and more wanting to incorporate more information into the upload. For example in the Description field I'll often write some notes from meetings, to remind myself of things I need to discuss when those meetings come around. Again, I find this useful as an aide memoire. I'm now desperately trying to find a way to get links to files, Excel, Word or Powerpoint files generally. Is there a way to do this or to embed the files into the .csv upload files?

    Many thanks.

  • Re: Creating multiple Outlook calendar items - with attachment or link

    Not easy to answer as there's no details as to how you create the calendar entries.

    If you were using VBA to create appointment then adding an attachment is as easy as (assuming there's an Appointment object named 'Appt')

    Appt.Attachments.Add "C:\"

    I would guess you're just importing the CSV but am not sure of a way to include attachments/hyperlinks in that, unfortunately.

    After a little test, it may not be possible. I added a Calendar item with an attachment and then exported that. Even when all the (available) fields to export were selected, the attachment didn't show in the exported CSV file.

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