Excel to Word Conversion

  • Hi there

    I am trying to generate a word document using either excel code or some other form of macro

    What I'm aiming for is a stand-alone macro that had radio buttons to select based on scenarios, and also has areas for filling in text as well

    At the emd of the macro it should generate a word document based on conditions selected on the sheet and code that i've filled in

    Once I get started properly on the project I should be able to work out most of the things i need, but getting off the ground with some kind of starting point is difficult

    Any suggestions?

  • Re: Excel to Word Conversion

    What you are asking is possible and can be done either in Word or Excel (or Outlook if you prefer), however you are rather light on details.

    I've no idea what you mean by 'Stand-alone' macros. All VBA macros are hosted in the containing application (Excel, word, Outlook, Access or whatever).

    You can have radio buttons on an Excel worksheet or userform, a Word document or userform and the same for Access.


    but getting off the ground with some kind of starting point is difficult

    If it's difficult for you, then it's more difficult for us based on the information in your post. You need to explain the data, any predefined text, the purpose of the 'radio buttons' (to select/hide sentences/paragraphs, for example), the scope of any freehand typing by the user and things like that.

    You know what your desired end result is - you've got to communicate that to others

  • Re: Excel to Word Conversion

    I'll try to elaborate a little more

    What I could have said instead of "stand-alone" is a visible macro. I work with code a lot more and generally it runs in the background without much visible about it. Instead I want something that fills in with a form

    Basically what the macro is meant to do is generate notes after calls. Doesn't really need to be formatted, just generated.

    The purpose of the radio buttons will be to a) select different scenarios that have occurred that generate a different set of notes, and b) to access different parts of the form, i.e. if a call is inbound or outbound, a different set of selections are available

    In terms of free text, the macro won't be able to encompass all different scenarios, and some things just can't be generated, so free text or a text-box within the macro is something I want to have available as well

    I've begun some work on building a macro in Word, but I wanted to know if there's a better way to do it

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