Inventory totals

  • Im trying to calculate my total inventory

    So in sheet one im downloading my amazon report in sheet 2 i have all my SKU's and In sheet 3 i have my daily operation Meaning in column 1 im entering every time witch item SKU i add in column 2 im entering the date i add it to my inventory in column 3 im adding the amount of quantity i added at this time

    So now i want to calculate in sheet 2 in column 2 the total inventory i have on hand by minusing all sold on the report i downloaded now and adding all i add in daily process since the last day i updated my file (So im thinking about a VBA code that should take the number already in the cell in column 2 in sheet 2 and add all added items from this SKU in sheet 3 that was added after the last time i updated my file and minus it by the inventory sold on the report in sheet 1 and then it should put in some cell on the top the date and time it was last updated so every time the code is ruining it should look in the daily process for activity witch is after the day of the last update)

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    A sample would be nice. What method of inventory valuation are you using? LIFO, FIFO, Average? That would be necessary to understand the inventory you have and its value.

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    Actually i dont need on the moment the inventory value i just want to know how much count i have on hand but BTW im using average

    How can i upload a sample i tried it didnt went true

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    hmm...not sure the issue. Cytop posted this in another thread. See if it helps

    How to Attach a Sample Workbook

    To attach a workbook:

    Click 'Go Advanced' at the bottom right of the Reply Box.
    In the new window click the Paper Clip Icon.
    In the new window that pops up click 'Add Files'.
    Click 'Select File' and browse to the required file.
    Click 'Upload File'.
    Click 'Done' when the selected file appears in the box at the bottom of the window.

    The maximum file size allowed is 110kb, if your file is larger than this you can try zipping it to reduce the size. If still too large, or if your actual file contains sensitive data, then create a sample workbook with reduced amount of data or with sanitised data.

    When creating a sample workbook it is essential that the structure of the actual workbook is retained.
    If data has been sanitised, then the sanitised data must be of the same type as the original (text still text, numbers still numbers, dates still dates etc.).
    The Layout of data on each sheet remains the same.
    If actual data contains blank rows, columns or cells then include the same in the sample data.
    If a cell contains a formula keep the formula in the sample, in other words do not create the sample file by pasting just values from the actual file.

    An accurate sample workbook will help us to help you.

    Actual template text...

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    ...posted this in another thread...

    That's actually a 'template' - to insert the (formatted) text just type


    (SW = Sample Workbook as a mnemonic)

    You won't see anything while typing the message but the template text will be inserted when you post the message.

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    There is nothing on the download tab...please update

    If I understand correctly.

    1) Amazon provides you a report ("Downloaded Repart") that gives you info on inventory that has been sold.
    2) The tab "Daily Process" has all of your purchase orders for each item
    3) The tab "Inventory Total" will have inventory values in column C. You want to add to these values received inventory from the PO's and subtract used inventory.


    It feels like you wont need VBA for this. Sumifs should work

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    You got it

    Referring to use SUMIF is not so good because im downloading new sold reports lets say every week so when ill delete the old sold report the formula will lose the previous
    calculation so the new sold items will not be subtract from the accurate number so what i want that after calculating it should make the data hard coded not a function

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    what about this. In this sample I used the sumif to count what was sold (column D) and purchased (column E). I am guessing FBA Inventory Total (column C) is the current inventory. If so, then C - D + E = New current Inventory (column F).

    Then just before you are about to add another download to your file click the "Total The Inventory" button which will transfer the values from F to C.

    this is the code

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