Force Single-Sided Printing with Printout Method

  • I have several instances of identically structured workbooks that choose which pages (ranges) to print based on set criteria. A macro runs through the list of pages and adds all which meet the criteria to a variable named rngPrint using union. When all pages have been checked and either added or skipped, I simply use rngPrint.printout. This method has been working great until we got a new printer with a double-sided print option. Now, everything prints double-sided even though the setting is turned off in the printer menu AND the printer properties within Excel. These documents cannot be double-sided as many pages go to different places.

    Is there any way to force excel to print single-sided with the printout method?

    My current workaround is to send every page as a separate job, but that is not a good long term solution since it takes so much longer and we print hundreds of pages a day.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Force Single-Sided Printing with Printout Method

    Ok this code is really bad as I'm self taught, but here are the 2 modules involved with the actual printing. I have also attached the workbook in case you need more context.

  • Re: Force Single-Sided Printing with Printout Method

    I'm really sorry guys and/or gals. It appears I am a doofus.

    I found yet another (this makes 4) place to change the double-sided option in the printer properties. I changed it to single-sided and now everything works perfectly.

    Thank you so much for your time.


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