Website login popup comes up blank in VBA "edit web query" - webpage login problem

  • Hello All,

    I have a problem with a small part of a quite large programme that allows me to work out investment nett worth (ISAs, shares, property etc) at the push of a button.

    My VBA was working previously under Excel 2013 and Windows 8. I believe it has worked under Windows 10 but there have been substantial updates to Windows 10 recently(?). Also it is possible that the website itself has been changed/updated.

    I am trying to import a chunk of a financial webpage (as an Excel table) from using VBA in Excel 2016 (and windows 10 64bit). I have set up a "Data Connection" to the website that is simply refreshed using code:


    I have used the Data/Connections/Properties/Definition/Edit Query to try to (re)login. [This method has worked for me on other financial website]. If I press the Login button (on the top right hand corner of the website under this query), a popup opens. This popup when opened in a normal browser eg Chrome, allows entry of the Username and Password (UN/PW). However in the edit query mode this popup is blank ie I cannot enter the UN/PW. I don't know how this popup is called: I could guess at javascript....but that would only be a guess.

    Without being able to enter UN/PW, I cannot get to the data I want to import into my VBA.

    I have tried logging in (outside of VBA) to the website using Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 (which data connection uses?) and Opera but the login UN/PW doesn't seem to "stick" when I go back to VBA. My VBA crashes. It continues to run past the login phase (probably because I have no error checking at this stage). The VBA then fails as I try to extract specific data (since the webpage I try to import doesn't include the financial data....because I'm not logged in!)

    I picked Morningstar since it is the only site I have been able to locate recently that includes (nearly) all the investments that I want to monitor. Over the years I have used various financial websites and I have to say I am getting a bit fed up with having to change website and re-code my (quite large) VBA.

    Can anyone suggest how to solve this please?
    Thank You (in advance)

  • Re: Website login popup comes up blank in VBA "edit web query" - webpage login proble

    Hi Gary,

    Welcome to OzGrid :)

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to help with this question as it goes against the forum rules, section 5c:
    Ozgrid will not assist you in systematically acquiring data (even in the public domain) from other people's websites

    The website in question also specifically states in their terms of use that this kind of data collection is not prohibited. As a result, this thread will now be closed.

    If you have any questions regarding this post - please do not hesitate to send me PM.


    S O

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