Unable to enter Username and Password in webpage using VBA

  • Hello !!
    I am trying to login to a webpage using VBA, I am successful till to the place where i have to type the username and password, however i am unable to type the same getting error message as "Run-time error '424': Object required"
    (i.e.) After i login to the webpage, i have to click the an option "Merchant Login" and then i have to enter the Username and password to go to the desired page.
    Also i am not sure whether this will help or not after the error message when i click "Debug" it shows me where the error is in the VBA and after that when i click "Continue(F5)" button the username and password gets populated.

    Here is the code

    Here is HTML Code

    Here is the HTML Link For the "Merchant Login" link

    <div class="button-container">
        <div class="button-oblong button-blue">
            <script>document.write('<A HREF="'+merchantLoginURL+'">Merchant Login</A>');</script>
            <a href="https://sample.net/portal/portal/ClientPortalApp/index.jsp">Merchant Login</a>
        <div class="clear-link"></div>

    For the Username and password

  • Re: Unable to enter Username and Password in webpage using VBA

    Hi !!! I found the answer !!

    All i did is add a code to wait until the IE to completely loaded

    Here is the code !!

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