Subtracting a number of months to a date

  • Hello OZGRID
    Hello everyone
    Please if you can help me to resolve this type of calculation.
    In TextBox1 I write a first date
    In TextBox5 I write a second date
    The result will be appears in TextBox2 (years) ..TextBox3 (months) ..TextBox4 (days)
    This part is perfectly realized.
    My problem :
    if I type the number 45 in TextBox6 means 45 months... etc ....then the rest of the years and months and days appears in the TextBox 7..8 and 9
    Thank you very much in advance for the help
    Very friendly

  • Re: Subtracting a number of months to a date

    Have you tried EDATE?

    Syntax is

    =EDATE(start_date, months)

    I don't know how you would reference values in TextBox6 unless it is the name of a cell, but you can add (or subtract) number of months to / from the start date.

    I couldn't tell from the upload.

    Did this help?

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