Linking Excel Files Read Only

  • I have an excel file that contains source data, to which I wish to link other files for read-only purposes. I'm currently doing this using ODC connections. The problem is, when a user opens one of the other files and refreshes the source data, the source data file remains locked until the other file is closed. Is there a way to allow other files to refresh from a source data file without locking it?

  • Re: Linking Excel Files Read Only

    This is how you can link the data as read only:

    Data Tab-> From Other Sources -> From Microsoft Query -> Double click "Excel Files*" -> In the directory window (Right window) find the file path of your excel sheet (This is kind of a pain since the window is so small) -> Once the path is chosen, in the Database Name window (Left window), Select your excel workbook with the source data -> Check the "read only" box under the help button -> Click ok -> Select the sheet that contains your source data and click the arrow to move it into the window "Columns in your query:" -> Click Next 3 times -> Then Finish

    Let me know if you have any problems here!


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