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  • Hi there

    I currently have a VBA function that I've been working on for some time, and it's almost done

    However I realised that for practicality, it would be beneficial to run a new instance of the same macro as soon as the current one is finished

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Here's what I have

    My VBA file runs from a .dotm file (macro enabled word template)
    Once the macro has run and users have input all their data and the macro has processed it all, it spits out a word document using bookmarks

    What i want it to do then is start a new instance of the template so the macro starts again

    If any clarification is necessary please let me know


  • Re: Open new instance of Macro

    Hi again

    So my program is mostly finished, so show snippets of it because there is a lot of code

    Basically at the top, I have the initialise function:

    Public Sub UserForm_Initialize()
        ITCustom = False
        CACCustom = False
        Dim ChkBoxes As cls_ChkBox
        Dim ctrl As Control
        Set colTickBoxes = New Collection

    And at the end of the code, with my "OK button", I have this

    I have a checkbox at the end of my form that I want to code so that if it is ticked when I click OK, it opens a new instance of my template, with a separate word document as well

    How can I do this

    Again, if further clarification is needed, I an happy to assist

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