Custom UI Ribbon - favorites - Dropdown

  • Handy worksheet navigation dropdown box for those annoying multi-worksheet workbooks

    Ribbon Code

    In module vba

  • Re: Custom UI Ribbon - favorites

    Thanks for this, very neat. :)

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  • Re: Custom UI Ribbon - favorites - Dropdown

    This is a very useful - Thanks Pike

    I need this as an AddIn which was saved as such
    Problems are as an AddIn:

    1. Dropdown content doesn't update when workbooks are opened and closed
    2. Will throw errors when sheets are not found that were populated in the dropdown from prior sheets or initial OnOpen
    3. Last, I'm looking for a way to add a scrollbar when a large number of sheets exceeds the page size - dropdown extends below the bottom of the screen

    Any help would be much appreciated

  • Re: Custom UI Ribbon - favorites - Dropdown

    For dynamic combobox

    module code

    workbook module

  • Hi all,
    UI custom have three possible option on where to add your custom tools and buttons.
    The Tab "Ribbon" option, the File "Backstage" menu option and/or the right click "ContextMenus" option can all be very helpful

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