.ActiveSheet.[B16].Resize(i + 1, IcolNulTemp2) = Ary Use varible for [B16] flexible

  • I want to change the .activesheet.[b16] to a varaible where users can change if nessary on input sheet. I like to insert "sStartdatacell" variable but i get errors. what is the syntext since this has brackets

    put this sStartDatacell in for [b16] ----- sStartDatacell = ActiveSheet.Range("c10").Value

    With ActiveWorkbook
                    .ActiveSheet.Name = Split(Key, "/")(0)
                    .ActiveSheet.Cells(iTerrRow, iTerrCol).Value = Key
                    .ActiveSheet[COLOR=#ff0000].[B16][/COLOR].Resize(i + 1, IcolNulTemp2) = Ary  
                    .SaveAs Filename:=ThisWorkbook.Path & "" & sOutputFileNm & "_" & sTerr & "_" & Split(Key, "/")(0) & ".xlsx" 
                End With
  • Re: .ActiveSheet.[B16].Resize(i + 1, IcolNulTemp2) = Ary Use varible for [B16] flex

    I did not know if sOutputFileNm has a prefix of "" so I added it after ThisWorkbook.Path.

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