Worksheet_Change Event

  • Hi there

    I am using the following code in a sheet called "Centre"

    This code does not do what I thought it would, (Change the "Consolidated" sheet to that of the "Centre" sheet)

    Cell D2 has a LIST Data Validation, and the idea is that the corresponding cell in sheets "CONSOLIDATED" also says the same as Centre!D2.

    I know I could use a simple = in the consolidated sheet, but Consolidated!D2 also has a Data Validation of List.

    I need the Consolidated to be the same as Centre, but with the option to change.

    Hope that makes sense and someone can show me the error.


  • Re: Worksheet_Change Event

    Late to the party and on days off so no access to excel....but :) looking at your code and keen to learn,

    Would it have worked if you had changed your original code to:

    if target = Range("D2") then

    * untested, just interested :)

  • Re: Worksheet_Change Event

    I thought it would, hence why i used that in my original code, but nothing happened.

    If Target.Address = "$D$2" Then

    does work, so happy with that

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