offset from first coulmn

  • Hello

    I came across this script, which I've modified
    It searches for a specified name from "A1", within the range "Outline_07"
    and offsets an "X" mark 13 cells to the right, of where it appears in that row.

    It works great.

    But is it possible to modify this such that it no longer offsets the "X" mark from where the name appears in the row, but rather places the "X" mark always in Column 10.

    Tried countless variations but cant get it to work!...
    Thanks for any help.

  • Re: offset from first coulmn

    Thanks for the replies.

    Pike, thanks for the code, but still offsets the x value to the right of the word itself.

    Smallman, Thanks! I've uploaded a sample file of what im trying to achieve. there are two sheets: a before and after result, if that makes sense.

    The code searches for the text in A1 "time" from a named range "Outline_07", then offsets an "x" mark 4 columns from the left, if it appears.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Re: offset from first coulmn

    here you go try..

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