Copy checkboxes and data from one sheet to another

  • I am new to creating macros in excel. This is what I am trying to do...

    I have column A with checkboxes and column B with text...

    Now if the checkbox is checked I would like to take whatever text is in column B and copy it to another SHEET...

    I don't want to copy the entire ROW because I also have column E with checkboxes and column F with text (which I will want to copy as well)

    I am not sure how I did explaining this but if someone understands what I am saying maybe they can give me a VBA example on how to accomplish this.

    Thank you

  • Re: Excel VBA Macro Question?

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  • Re: Copy checkboxes and data from one sheet to another

    Here is a quick example that should get your started. Please note that all of the checkboxes will need to be ActiveX checkboxes and not form checkboxes. This code is set to check every checkbox when a action is taken on any checkboxes. This can be helpful if you want to quickly update all the text but not have to uncheck/check every checkbox.

  • Re: Copy checkboxes and data from one sheet to another

    I am sorry I couldn't get what you made to work. I am really not very good at this stuff.

    I attached my excel spreadsheet file. Maybe you can look at it. I would really appreciate it.

    You will see I have checkboxes and to the right data... the object is to select items and click on a button to copy those select to SHEET2 and have them all display in one column so I could print the list.

    Thanks again

  • Re: Copy checkboxes and data from one sheet to another

    1) On your VBA window go to Tools/References and check Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 library. Save, close, and reopen your workbook.

    2) All of your checkboxes, in the attached file, are form checkboxes. They need to be ActiveX checkboxes. This will allow you to trigger specific code when the checkbox is checked/unchecked. Form checkboxes are just graphical items (if there is a way to generate VBA code via these form controls it is not something I am familiar with). To insert an ActiveX checkbox go to the Developer tab and select the Insert button. Select the checkbox from the ActiveX section (bottom).

    3) When you insert the checkboxes make sure to name them so its easy to identify them. EG: If you have a problem with Checkbox10528 it can be difficult to identify vs Dial Soap_Orange. Once you have the checkboxes created double click one and it will open the action, for that checkbox, in the VBA window. Copy CheckBox_Action into this to trigger the script. You will need to update the code with each of the checkbox names so it can run through the list.

  • Re: Copy checkboxes and data from one sheet to another

    I appreciate the help but I was hoping to get it to work the way I have my spreadsheet designed. There are still several issues doing it your way that I am running into. I am pretty close the way I designed it I just need a few clues on how to get it to work the way I need it to.


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