Pivot Table with Multiple Results

  • Greetings Programs,

    So, I'm trying to help out another department and don't use Pivot Tables a ton. We are trying to show the total number of employees recruited, total by recruiter, as well as total by recruiter from "Manager Referral" (do not show other sources).

    I'm attaching an example of the file I received and highlighted the columns in yellow that would pertain to this project.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you for your help.


  • Re: Pivot Table with Multiple Results

    Select the data range needed for the Pivot Table (Columns L:P per your example).

    Ribbon > Insert > Pivot Table > New Sheet

    Drag "Recruiter" down to the Row Labels section of the Pivot Table Field List
    Drag "Recruiter" (again) down to the Values section - it should default to "count", but if not, click on "Count of Recruiter" and select Value Field Setting and choose the count option.

    Drag "Source" to the Report Filter section.

    You will see the Pivot Table update itself to the layout as you drag the fields.

    The Report Filter will automatically default to "ALL". From this point just click the drop down and choose "Manager Referral" to see totals for this selection only.

    Keep in mind that Pivot Tables must be refreshed as the data are changed. Just right click the PT and choose refresh from the context menu.

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