VBA to tranfer data and rank teams in Softball

  • Hello,

    I have been asked to create a spreadsheet for a fundraiser softball tournament. I have most of it figured out but I'm having trouble with transferring numbers and team ranking.

    The way this spreadsheet works...

    Info Sheet: Here is where the team names, game dates and times are entered to feed the rest of the sheets.

    Game Schedule: I have created dropdown lists to select the teams, dates and times for each regular games being played.

    Game Results: Here is where the teams runs get entered and it automatically calculates the differentials.

    Team Wins: The wins and differentials for each game transfer to this page and adds up the wins and differentials.

    ** On this page I have not yet figured out how to transfer the wins and differentials from the Game Results page**

    Team Rankings: This is where I want to see what position each team is in after each games and what teams will make it to the semifinals and finals.

    **This is where I'm having trouble with the team ranking**

    I have been struggling with this for months already and can't seem to get it all working correctly. My deadline has come and long gone :(

    I know very little about softball tournaments so if anyone sees room for improving this, please let me know.

    Thank you!

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