hide and protected sheet macro not working

  • Hello...I have a macro to run in hide the worksheets that they protected sheet too. The macro runs a number of filters and drop down list that reside on each of the worksheets and is itself located in a module. the hide sheet if i running filters i am getting error and pivot table i cant refresh the table .Is there a way to run it on the hidden worksheets and protected sheet?. i am getting debug on the two code which is highlighted in red color kindly clear my code error and solve the problems.

    one thing i have posted this problems in other forums too see the below link so if u see cross post pls avoid it.


  • Re: hide and protected sheet macro not working

    When using Cide Tags do not mix them with other Tags, it makes it difficult to copy the code.

    When using a protected sheet the usual method is to unprotect then protect the sheet, you need to do this with the Refresh code.

    Probably a better way is to Protect with UserInterFace only

  • Re: hide and protected sheet macro not working

    thanks for the code ...
    its work for refresh button but same thing i tried in monthsortout macro its getting error..
    i tried in other way i getting the error on this can u let me know whats wrong in this..

    in this if i run the macro i getting error on the sheet7 has" ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table22").Range.AutoFilter Field:=1" showing "subscript out of range".
    when i run this vb using f8 the sheet 2 is ok but getting error on the sheet7 so what wrong on my code any suggestion please....

  • Re: hide and protected sheet macro not working

    For me, making a sheet visible does not automatically make it the active sheet. Does it for you ?

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