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  • I have an Excel workbook that will eventually have about 28 sheets. I was able to find code that let me copy the first time card properly and change its tab name. However, I am having issues that when the new sheet is created the date in the new sheet still corresponds to the date in the source. I was wanting to use the corresponding date in the summary page to populate the date in the new sheet. I have looked at VLookup functions and I see them used in reverse. I was also wanting to know if it might be possible to use the sheet names to create the corresponding

    I have attached the beginning of the workbook along with the current sheets that I am trying to properly do. Right now I have to go into each sheet and modify C4 to the corresponding pay period in the summary page.

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    See if this macro does what you're after

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    I love it! Does exactly what I want and it cuts out my having to name the page.

    My only concern that I have now, is how do I get the summary page to update as I add sheets. Right now I have 3 rows of the 27 with the correct formula (each manually entered). I would rather not have to adjust each row and column for every new sheet to get the equations correct.

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    I cannot explain how much you have helped me. I tried for several days to do that and was beginning to think that it included the indirect function but given my unfamiliarity with it I knew it would take me forever to figure it out. I appreciate your help and experience.

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