Amend if Formula with further criteria to look at range of cells!

  • Hi all
    Some help would be greatly appreciated. I currently have the following if formula with one criteria:

    =IF(N4>0,"100% Check Required","1 in 5 Check")

    I would like to add another criteria, but the value is checked against a range of cells. So it's almost like a priority where it checks one outcome first and then moves on the secondary one. I need the outcome to state "100% Check Required" if true, if false, I want it to check against second criteria and then be one of those outcomes. I made the following attempt but it didn't work. Can anyone help?

    =IF(COUNTIF(A:A,B2,"100% Check Required","N4>0,"100% Check Required","1 in 5 Check")

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks all!

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