Counting by looking up texts in number of sheets

  • Hi,

    How can I make this formula , much more easier and shorter.

    =(COUNTIFS('141216 Meeting'!A7:A28,'MASTER Auckland Domain'!A4,'141216 Meeting'!B7:B28,"APOLOGY"))+COUNTIFS('280217 Meeting'!A7:A28,'MASTER Auckland Domain'!A4,'280217 Meeting'!B7:B28,"Apology")

    I have name list in the A column on all other sheets such as '141216 Meeting'!A7:A28 and '280217 Meeting'!A7:A28
    B column shows Present or Apology on 2 separate sheets. ('141216 Meeting'!B7:B28, '280217 Meeting'!B7:B28

    Basically I am looking up by name from 2 other sheets, who and how many times were "Apology"

    The above formula works, but I have 10 more sheets, is the any easier formula...

    Thank you

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