Would like to stop entering values after first submision and clean up code

  • I am a newbie and this is my first post. I have two worksheets that are filled with the use of a userform depending on the choice made from a combobox. My code is pretty messy since I'm fairly new to vba, but it works except for one thing. When the user clicks the enter button, the next empty row is filled with the date, scheduled hours, actual hours, and series completed. If the enter button is clicked again, the date isn't entered but the values for the other cells are filled with the same values. I would prefer to not allow further submission with each button click unless it's an actual new entry. Tried the "Unload Me/userform.show" method to clear the userform but it didn't work very well. I would also very much appreciate some help cleaning up my code. I'm sure there is a much less messy, more efficient way to do what my code does. My code is as follows:

    Thanks in advance...:smile:

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