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  • Hi all,

    I trying to develop a macro to print my worksheets. Here's the problem, I never know how much data my end-users will incorporate into any one worksheet. In some instances, one worksheet can result in five pages or more of printout.

    How do I acheive the following:

    1.) set a page break so that if, for example, I have 400 rows or 4000 rows of data that each page print 40 rows data.

    2.) print multiple row column headings on each page.

    Iwould appreciate any help on the subject.


  • The code below gives an example of what you can do. Change it according to your specific needs.


  • Re: Request for help with printout code

    can I ask what this means?
    ActiveSheet.PageSetup.CenterFooter = Cells(q, 1)

    I am working on a macro that breaks each page based on the value in column B. My second part is to have a footer say the value in that column, as it will be the same for each page. When the page breaks for the next value, the footer would change as well.

    Is that what this will do?


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