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  • I have a workbook which was very large and have tried to identify what is causing this.
    I found there were many sheets, all "look" the same but some were 10kB and some were 500kB which I determined by systematically deleting sheets, saving and looking at the size.
    One of the large sheets was copied to a new workbook and it is still large. I have deleted all orphaned links, merged cells, cell borders and even the data and it is still 464kB
    There are no Hidden sheets etc the original data occupied A1:J104 I think and selecting ALL columns then all row beyond this range and deleting made no significant difference.
    If I copy say row 120 over the top of the first 104, it drops to a few kB but I am at a loss to see what is there. Can it be the ghosts of data deleted? do I need to clear an undo cache?
    It would seem that a lot of the excess junk exists between row 60 and 40 with virtually nothing below row 40.
    Can anyone explain this and more importantly, give me an idea of how to fix it? Obviously without destroying the original data or hopefully the original format.
    I am posting an "EMPTY" work book as above

  • Re: File too Large

    hi Michael, to have too many column which goes upto XFD, try to cut down columns which are not been used should reduce the file size.

  • Re: File too Large

    Sorry for the false start, it is all in the vestigial formatting in columns k to xfd, delete the formats there and the problem disappears

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