Smooth a chart line without dummy data

  • I have inherited a spreadsheet and given the task of trying to get a line on a chart to show a smooth progression between actual values. Presently the user inserted dummy data in blank cells, to give the impression of a smooth line.

    For example M2 contains £219,000. M5 contains £387,000. M3 and M4 are blank, but they have inserted the following formula to give "dummy" data which well then show a smooth line when charted:

    M3 (which shows £275,000):


    M4 (which shows £331,000):


    There must be a better way of doing it than this?


    Also posted here:…mmy-data.html#post4744080

  • Re: Smooth a chart line without dummy data

    Problem solved on the Mr Excel thread:

    "Since that's a straight line, you can simply get the chart to plot that. Right-click it, choose Select Data, then click the Hidden and Empty Cells button, and choose the 'connect data points with line' option."

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