VBA row hide / un-hide based on formula problem

  • I am trying to hide various rows of a worksheet called "Storage & Distribution" if the value of cell C46 of a worksheet called "General info & study design" is changed. I have set a lookup on the "Storage & Distribution" sheet for reference (C7). The code I am using is shown below but it does not work until I type something into one of the cells of the "Storage & Distribution" sheet (only the red text). Is this something to do with using a Worksheet_Change Vs a Worksheet_Calculate? the rest of the code works fine as this is based on a drop down menu on the"Storage & Distribution" sheet and does not reference any other worksheets or use a formula. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Re: VBA row hide / un-hide based on formula problem

    Please make sure you use code tags in future as per the forum rules.

    The change event is only triggered when you change a cell's contents. Use the calculate event if you want a formula to trigger the code.

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