VBA Scripting Dictionary Vlookup help please

  • Hi All,

    I am having trouble with some code I've started writing.

    I have two lists, both with references. I basically want to vlookup from one sheet (complete list) to the other sheet (incomplete list). Whatever isn't found in the incomplete list, add from the complete list.

    Only add what's missing not everything! (What my code does - a combination of the missing and incomplete)

    What I am getting is instead of the dictionary writing out just the new references I have to add to the incomplete list, it's adding both the elements together in the dictionary (what the final result will be).

    I'll repeat it again, hard to explain I guess.

    I don't want my dictionary to return the complete list, only the new items I need to add.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Re: VBA Scripting Dictionary Vlookup help please

    I've looked at this about 5 times, procrastinating in the hopes someone else will come solve but, but I guess I'll give it a go.

    1) Okay, you start by looping through sh and adding each entry to a dictionary. As both an item and a key (why?????) FYI this

    dict.Item(NewIDBroker(i, 1)) = NewIDBroker(i, 1)

    is REALLY bad practice.

    2) you then loop through each line in sh2 and check to see if it's in the dictionary. If it IS, then you overwrite it with "not new" (not sure why, but okay), if it isn't then you...... overwrite it with itself (whhhhhhy)

    3) Finally you then loop through the dictionary and output everything to sh2 again. You haven't at any point removed anything from the dictionary because it was already in there.

    I...... really hope I'm missing something obvious.

  • Re: VBA Scripting Dictionary Vlookup help please

    Thanks for your comments. I'm still learning this type of code. I'll get back to reading online material.
    Have a good day

  • Re: VBA Scripting Dictionary Vlookup help please

    Hi All,

    I've figure it out.

    StephenR, I want to use a dictionary because I'm doing this over thousands of records and using other methods tends to be slow.

    I'll try re-iterating my problem:

    I have a list 'association table' with a list of references and then I have another list of references ('test').

    Whatever I don't find from association table in 'test' add to the bottom of test.

    The solution was to remove common identifiers between both lists and leave only unique items to both lists

    dict.exists(IDBroker(i, 1)) Then ' we found the item
            dict.Remove (IDBroker(i, 1)) ' I don't want this added to my  items (I only want to capture the new data that I need to add to my  other list)

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